Monday, December 28, 2009

Junction Holiday Sing

Conner & Dad watching the performance... RJ & his fellow 4th graders singing, RJ is the one searching the crowd...

Braden & the 2nd graders, Braden is in the middle somewhere...
Sienna and the 1st graders, Sienna is the 2nd one on the left in the very back row...
Braden enjoying his hot chocolate...
Sienna also enjoying hot chocolate...
RJ loves his cookies...
And once again, Sienna & RJ taking the opportunity to chat with Santa, Braden & Conner were not interested...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

RJ Turns 10!

RJ's Birthday Party: The movie The games The cake On the morning of RJ's actual birthday we had donuts! He also gave a book and candy to his school class. A couple of days later we had a family dinner, tacos, RJ's favorite. Conner liked the cake best of all!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dance Gallery 2 Holiday Revue

Sienna had her 1st dance recital on Thursday. She was so excited and reminded me for days before that she wanted a "curly ponytail." It almost put her over the edge of pure joy when I informed her that she needed "stage makeup." It's kind of difficult putting makeup on a little girl who can't stop smiling!

Sienna is in the middle with the black tights (and curly ponytail) watching her neighbor's feet.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Breakfast With Santa

Our family having breakfast, well some of us anyway. Sienna was off coloring and Conner is in his stroller below table level. To pass off a requirement in his Faith in God book, RJ helped a little with the breakfast. He got to choose the awards for best pajamas and bed head and then announce them, he loved the privilege! Here's a bunch of the kids during the program, Sienna is in the back raising her hand. RJ and Sienna with Santa. I had to leave early and missed Santa, but also missed making sure all of the kids were in this picture! Braden was running the halls and Conner was stuck in his stroller. By the time Ryan found Braden, he refused to get in the massively huge line that formed. Oh well...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Last week Conner had a scary accident. His highchair got knocked over while he was still strapped in it! It turns out he was okay, somehow Sienna got her hands under his head before he hit the tile. But, I was so worried about bumps and bleeding, I didn't even notice until the next day that he had chipped his two front teeth. His cute little baby teeth that have to last another 5-6 years! My dentist says he's okay, doesn't appear to have any nerve damage, and advises us to wait until he's a little older to fix them so it will be less traumatic... The next day, Sienna was pulling away from her brother, slipped, and crashed her head into the corner of the counters....

Monday, December 7, 2009


On the weekend after Thanksgiving, I was able to go to San Francisco with some great friends and see Wicked. The musical was great, the shopping was great, The Cheesecake Factory was great and the hotel room was great! I can't wait for our next adventure... Illegal photo taken inside the theater: me and Jen

The girls
The Cheesecake Factory

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving #3

Our 3rd and final Thanksgiving feast of the season was on Sunday at our house with Ryan's mother. After turkey twice in one week, we opted for ham with apricot sauce and yummy cheesy potatoes, Ryan's favorite. As an added bonus, I discovered the most wonderful feature ever from my oven, the delay start! I put my ham in the cold oven before going to church and just set the time I wanted it to turn on and it worked! We came home from church to a hot dinner, I think I'll do this every Sunday!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving #2

Our 2nd Thanksgiving was on Thursday with Ryan's parents. His sisters made these fabulous festive hats to wear. Here is a video of my kids sharing valuable information about the 1st Thanksgiving...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving #1

Our first Thanksgiving was celebrated on the Tuesday before, in Lapoint, Utah at my mom's house. Here we are digging in! This is Mom, Uncle Larry, Aaron, Ryan carving the turkey, Stephen, and Theresa. And here are the boys: Kaydan, Braden, and RJ

And the girls: Kali, Jonnae, Sienna, and Kensley
And don't forget Conner!
Mom & Uncle Larry
Sisters: Theresa, Bobbi, and me
My addition to the feast was this lovely dessert. Although it was crooked and did not look much like the picture, it was still delicious!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Draper Temple to witness my nephew, Corey, get married. So windy and FREEEEEZING! RJ, Kaydan, and Braden trying to get warm in the car!

The wedding luncheon at Magelby's was so delicious... Here's Ryan, Sienna and Braden.
And here is RJ, me and Conner...
Conner was loving the chocolate cake. And yes, we ate our dessert FIRST! It was vacation after all...
My beautiful nieces, Jonnae and Kali
My cute nephew Shane giving a toast, he just got home from his mission last month.
My brother Ed giving a toast to his son, love you Ed. :o)
The beautiful couple...
Sienna and Kensley enjoying the "Hot Chocolate Bar", which by the way, is the BEST idea ever!
Jonnae and Conner in the background
RJ's candy cane did strange things after stirring it in his hot chocolate...
Ryan and Conner enjoying the reception and yummy desserts...
I thought this was so cute, Conner kicking back, having a nap in the car...
Studly brother-in-law Aaron, fixing mom's deck while other studly brother-in-law Stephen, observes.
RJ and Braden playing games on Dad's phone...