Sunday, July 22, 2012

School Luau

Every year our school has a luau at the end of the year. Each grade performs a different hula, we eat a picnic, have popsicles and snow cones, and dress up in our favorite Hawaiian shirts. This year I have no pictures of Braden performing, because he was being his typical self and hid in the crowd where we could not get even one picture!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sienna's 9th Birthday

Sienna had such a fun 9th birthday! Her birthday was on a Saturday, but we started the celebration on Friday. The boys had a Father-Son campout, so we had a Girls Night!! Weirdly, there were no kid movies playing this weekend, except at the $3 movies in Citrus Heights, not my favorite place but Sienna loved it. We went to the mall and saw the Lorax. I let her pick where we had dinner and had to laugh when she insisted on Taco Bell. Only the best for my girl! We went swim suit shopping after the movie. It was also National Donut Day, so we went to Krispy Kreme for our free donut, and bought birthday donuts for the next morning too. On Saturday, we had donuts (duh!) and opened presents. Then me & Sienna met up with some friends and saw Wicked in Sacramento. It was a surprise for Sienna and she loved it. We had dinner afterwards at The Spaghetti Factory. On Sunday we had a family dinner and I only took pictures of dessert, ha ha! It was a great birthday weekend for Sienna!

Sienna really liked this fountain at the mall.

Just enjoyed a movie and delicious taco, and now we're on our way to go shopping!

Don't worry, we didn't buy this one.

Nothing better than a warm, Krispy Kreme donut!  We may have ate several.

Birthday morning

On our way to see Wicked.  I really thought I took a picture of the whole group, but can't seem to find it, oh well.

1st time seeing the capitol building in downtown Sac

Enjoying a birthday ice cream and birthday serenade at The Old Spaghetti Factory

For Sienna's birthday dinner with the family, we made a yummy knock off Lofthouse cookie.  They were better than the ones you get at the store, so there.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So Behind & Backwards!!

My blog is so confusing right now.  I had a virus on my computer, then after a month, got it fixed.  And then it was dropped on the tile and broken forever.  Finally got  a new computer after a couple of more months and I'm trying to get my blog updated.  However, today I just found a bunch of events that I had skipped.  Oops!  So my blog posts are no longer chronological in all places, but still worthy of taking a look at!  It will be back on track some day.  I'm hoping by the end of the summer...

River Cats Baseball @ Raley Field

R.J.'s band got to play the national anthem at a River Cats game. Fun times!

We had to wait an hour in the very hot sun, before we could enter the stadium.  This is right about the moment Conner thought it would be a good idea to pee his pants.  Since this hasn't happened in FOREVER, I did not have an emergency pair of clothes, so I had to wash out his shorts & undies in a bathroom sink and put them back on him wet!

While we were waiting, Braden made friends with a random boy and played a little baseball

Cooley Middle School band coming on to the field.

Conner Moments

Every night, before putting Conner to bed, we clean his room. Every night, when I check on Conner before putting myself to bed, these are some of the scenarios I find...

Hail Storms

In April, we had so many hail storms. It was weird. Conner was really scared when we were in the car because it was so violent and loud, he thought for sure our car would break and we might die. But at home, the kids were so excited!

Field Trip with Braden

Braden, along with a bunch of other 4th graders, went on a field trip to some nature preserve in Auburn, I can't remember the name of the place now. Anyway, I was lucky enough to go with him. It was a very rainy, muddy day, but the kids had lots of fun and we got to see some beautiful nature. :o)

Braden is studying this rock very intensely with a magnifying glass.

I think the magnifying glasses were definitely a highlight.  The only thing more popular was the popcorn used to teach about the food chain.

Easter 2012

Easter Breakfast & Egg Hunt at Church

Chasing Bubbles

Conner LOVED the Easter Bunny!

Dad & Conner totally cheating

I think Braden might be totally cheating, too!