Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy New Year!

We celebrated the New Year at home with the kids for 2013.  We had a dinner with soup and fancy drinks. Then we played games until it was time to bang pots and pans, which we do with New York City, so 9pm our time!  We played some of our new board games from Christmas but the big hit was the candy bar game.  I had two huge Hershey's bars in the middle of our circle.  We passed dice around and everyone would roll once and pass it on.  If you got 7 or 11, you had to hurry up and put on the "gear" which was a scarf, big gloves, ski goggles, and a beany hat.  Then with two butter knives, you tried to open a Hershey's bar and eat as much as you could before the next person rolled a 7 or 11.  This game was really hard for Conner who had more than one tantrum because his stuff kept getting taken away before he got any chocolate!

This is Conner mad because he just lost a turn, AGAIN!