Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Conner is always getting himself into a predicament of some kind. Here he is caught underneath the bouncy chair (Make sure and take note of his cute little teeth!). Yesterday it was much more traumatic. I was at Target unloading my bags into the car and there was some honking, and when I turned, my cart and Conner were GONE! I looked around and saw them ROLLING DOWN THE ROAD! I ran after him and the cart, they were about two car lengths away and still rolling. Thank goodness for the car backing out who actually looked behind her instead of crashing into my poor baby. My stomach hurt for the rest of the day.


Bryce and Katie said...

Oh wow, that would have scared me to death! Glad he's ok! My email is Thanks for sending me the recipe! I'm excited to make them.

Ashley said...

CUTE! And SCARY!!! That's like a scene from The Bishop's Wife! I'm glad little Connor is A-okay. He is SUCH A CUTIE!!!!!