Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Breakfast With Santa

So, we had breakfast with Santa at our church. It was so incredibly early, but I was raised to never ever skip a party that includes a meal. My sister, Bobbi, was visiting and I was happy to see that she still feels the same. At least it was a pajama party, so we all rolled out of bed and went. Braden has been struggling with the realness of Santa, he often proclaims that Santa is not real, but harbors a secret hope that he is real, so that he will continue getting presents from him. So, after we ate breakfast, the very tired adults of the family tried to round up all the kids and leave BEFORE the program and Santa, and of course it was Braden (who doesn't believe in Santa) who cried about missing Santa. So we stayed. And notice, that Braden is very happy in all the pictures with Santa (last year he would NOT go near him). Conner was very interested in Santa's beard. We were very disappointed with Santa when RJ asked for two different game systems, both of which cost more than $200, and Santa told him that maybe if he was extra good he would get both!! Doesn't Santa know he is supposed to tell the kids he is on a budget! Naughty Santa. And afterwards Braden yelled, "Now I KNOW Santa isn't real because he was WAY too tall and WAY too skinny!!"


Jennie said...

Your little guy sure was checking the skinny Santa out...he must have been in the know :)