Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Best of 2008


  • RJ's baptism
  • RJ wins 2nd place in Pinewood Derby, then is promoted to 1st when other winner is disqualified!


  • Chinese New Year (Year of the Rat)
  • RJ earns Bobcat award in Scouts


  • RJ & Dad finish a great basketball season
  • We buy a house that is yet to be built
  • Braden turns 6, Thomas the Tank Engine bday party, and family dinner at Red Lobster!
  • Sandi visits Jelly Belly Factory with YW, woo hoo!
  • Easter
  • Sienna takes a dance class


  • Conner Steele Pinney is born!!
  • Sandi gets older
  • RJ wins 14th place in District Pinewood Derby
  • Theresa & Kensley visit
  • Purchase of enormous washer & dryer


  • Cinco de Mayo pinata fun
  • Little League for Braden & RJ
  • Conner's baby blessing on Mother's Day
  • Mohawks!
  • Sienna graduates from preschool


  • Sienna turns 5
  • RJ attends first Twilight Camp for cubscouts
  • swimming lessons
  • Move into our new house


  • Have interior of house painted
  • 4th of July
  • Trip to Nauvoo to visit my mom on her mission
  • Conner learns to eat from a spoon
  • 10th wedding anniversary


  • Annual trip to Carpinteria Beach
  • Conner gets 6 teeth all at once
  • Ryan gets older
  • School starts! Sienna - Kindergarten; Braden - 1st Grade; RJ - 3rd Grade


  • Me, Sienna, & Conner drive to Utah for my mom's homecoming
  • Food Storage Extravaganza with my sisters in SoCal
  • Theresa & Kensley come for another visit


  • Conner starts crawling
  • Visit to Pumpkin Patch with Shelby
  • Halloween & lots of candy


  • RJ & Dad finish a great season of Soccer
  • RJ earns his wolf badge and I become den leader for Bear Scouts
  • Braden finally gets a bed
  • Thanksgiving at our house!


  • Conner is standing up
  • RJ turns 9
  • I discover Bunco (sort of, I still haven't actually played!)
  • Breakfast with a REALLY tall, skinny Santa Claus
  • Bobbi & family come to visit
  • Christmas!
  • Lots of family visiting
  • Celebrating New Year's Eve at 9pm