Saturday, April 4, 2009

Conner's 1st Birthday

Conner turned one yesterday. Here are some highlights of the big day.... (I was going for a specific order and it went all wrong, and it's not worth it to try again!) Here's Conner enjoying a birthday cupcake.... again! It wouldn't be right not to have one on your actual birthday!! Here he is AFTER the cupcake and the necessary bath that comes after a cupcake. He has discovered how drawers open, and my makeup drawer is a favorite. He can't even see what's in there, but he knows if he fishes around long enough, the reward will be worth it! And of course, you have to have a naked bum shot to show future girlfriends.

Here he is all ready for bed, it was a great birthday!
Earlier in the day I bought a new portable crib ($45!!!!) and he thought it was lots of fun... until I walked away, and then not so much.
And of course, the obligatory birthday song. I have no business singing, but we can't have a birthday with a song, so there you have it. This time the video worked, but I ran out of memory before all the cuteness began, oh well. At least we blew out the candle before he could grab it!


The Packer 5 said...

so cute - I can't believe how well he is walking.

Crystal Dever said...

Happy Birthday Conner!

Heidi said...

That is the first time you've ever allowed me to hear you sing! I enjoyed it. :) I can't believe our kids are a year old already! Wow. Conner is walking way better than Hannah! She can do it, she just doesn't have the self confidence to set off on her own.

Cadle Clan said...

Happy Birthday! He is too cute! I love the picture with him getting in the drawer. Priceless!

Rachel and John said...

Happy Birthday to Connor! I love the naked bum shot... I make sure to get one also.