Monday, July 6, 2009


The kidlets playing on the beach Conner couldn't open his eyes fully the entire week, he needs sunglasses!

Ryan playing volleyball with his new beach style
Conner loves his sand toys
Dirtiest Baby Award
RJ attempting the boogie board while Braden observes
Daddy & Conner
Conner does NOT like the water, he would start to cry if we carried him near it, and if we tried to get him to walk toward it, he would go limp and collapse in a heap in the sand.
Braden plays for hours creating things in the sand
Braden rescuing Conner from an attempted escape (Sam in the background)
Sienna and her little girl cousins - she enjoyed being the oldest, and therefore, the boss.


OLIVIA said...

Great pics!

Ashley said...

That picture of Braden holding Connor is so funny! Cute little Buddha belly!