Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beach Vacation

Every year in August, the Pinney family gathers at Carpinteria Beach for one week of paradise. Every year, I am terrible at taking pictures, and every year I promise to get better, but it only gets worse. I tried to make up for it by taking a HUGE amount of pictures all in one day! RJ's favorite part of the beach is Grandpa Dave's metal detector... Sienna posing for the camera, like always.

RJ taking a leisurely swim on the boogie board in the freezing cold water.
RJ burying Uncle Jim
Marissa, RJ, and Uncle Jim contemplating the freezing cold water, the cold day, and the long swim to the platform.
Conner & Dad
Conner loves being outside
RJ with his cousins and some metal detector action
Braden digging, like always
Conner has some sand in his teeth.
The DREADED birds! Every day, at least once, these birds would suddenly fly off the roof in unison and inevitably someone would get pooped on. Me, Braden, and Uncle Jim were all attacked at various times during the week. Word of advice, If you see the birds, find an umbrella!!
Braden and more digging
Conner & Dad
Sienna, Braden & "the hole"
Conner & RJ playing
Conner & his cousin Maverick, "the twins", they are only 20 days apart.
Uncle Jon and his feast of Airheads
And there you have it, another wonderful year in Carpinteria, and not a single picture of me!!


Nancy said...

Next year I promise to take pictures of you!

The Sam Elmers said...

I love the picture of Connor cracking up on the beach blanket! He has the biggest smile!