Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trot

Our school has an annual turkey trot, which is a big fundraiser. The kids are supposed to get sponsors who pay a certain amount per lap. There is a girl and boy winner for each grade and they win a real frozen turkey for running the most laps. Ryan teased the kids and told them we wouldn't have Thanksgiving unless one of them won us a turkey. I was so proud of all three kids, they took the challenge very seriously and ran the entire 20 minutes! 5 laps equals one mile. Sienna ran 6 laps, Braden, 7 and RJ ran 10, winning the prized turkey and saving Thanksgiving for the Pinney household!!

If you know Braden, this shot of him running is truly amazing! Last year he ran the entire Turkey Trot backwards! He was really upset that he didn't win this year, but was overjoyed that RJ did.