Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Walks

Sunday was a beautiful day so we went for a walk! When I told everyone to get their shoes on, Sienna freaked out that she was out of socks, so I told her to borrow a pair of mine. Of course she chose dorky socks that didn't match! The heels sticking out at her ankles was my favorite. Background story #1: In April, Braden and I participated in the Roseville Creek Week Clean Up where we picked up garbage on the Woodcreek Wetlands. We got some cool matching t-shirts as a thank you and decided to be twins today. Background story #2: I hate this bush, it is the ugliest kind of bush that has ever existed. Some of you may have the same bushes if you were lucky to have builder-installed landscaping. Why does drought-resistant always have to mean ugly? So naturally, the ugly bush is a perfect backdrop for pictures, right? And Sienna cannot stand to have any pictures taken if it doesn't include her!


Ashley said...

haha... the way you wrote about that ugly bush makes me love it! :)