Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rollins Lake

WARNING: Lots of Pictures! Some good friends invited us to spend the day on their boat on Labor Day. So fun! Thanks so much for inviting us! The kids haven't stopped talking about it, wanting to know when we get to go again, when can we buy our own boat, and can we PLEASE go every weekend!! We're ready to go! The kids had a hard time understanding that life jackets had to be worn "at all times!" They kept trying to take them off. I was sure RJ would love water skiing and that he would do it all day. This was his first try and first crash. He was so done after that! It took everything to convince him to try at least one more time... He was up for a second! Sleeping on the job. Dawson & Sienna. Sienna LOVED being in the water and wanted to jump in and go for a swim every time the boat stopped. The baby ride. We went for a nice little float around the lake. Very relaxing. Sienna on the Easy Ski. She did okay until any sort of speed was involved. Then she would freak out! We thought it would be a good idea to do the tube and easy ski at the same time, it didn't turn out so well. We kept crashing together and RJ kept screaming! Finally up, but still attached to the tube! The boys loved the tube, they wanted to go fast and crazy! This was only allowed when Sienna wasn't around! Ryan also wanted to go fast & crazy. He specifically said he wanted a "career-ender." Well, he got what he asked for, and the bruised ribs to prove it! Too bad I didn't get a picture of the wipeout! Conner was so good on the boat, cuddly & calm. He even took a short nap. Yep. That's right. That's me. On a wakeboard. I obviously belong there! Thank you so much Jen, for taking the most embarrassing picture of my lifetime. I think I might have screamed a lot.


Robert said...

how fun i am jealous... good job on the wake board, you dont look scared at all

Jim and Shana McGavock said...

I clicked on the picture to enlarge it just to get the full effect. Not to scare you but I DID break my nose in 2 places, get 2 black eyes, get stitches in two places and chip a tooth in a wakeboarding accident. Not fun!