Monday, October 18, 2010

Math Nerd

RJ is a math nerd. He loves math and he does it for fun. Ever since I can remember, he has requested math problems as a form of entertainment. So every year, he competes in a local math contest. The first year, he placed 3rd in one section and 6th overall. The second year, he was like 14th place. This year he didn't place at all. He has finally accepted, that if he wants to be competitive, he will have to study. The tests have problems not yet learned in school. But, he still had fun, although he admits, it would be funner if he had won! Braden reading a book and eating a sucker while we wait. Sienna waiting patiently. Conner NOT waiting patiently. Conner has been stuck in this stroller for the past 2.5 years of his life. Everywhere we go, people exclaim their amazement that he is so good in his stroller for so long. Well, he has finally had ENOUGH and now he is not good in his stroller for any length of time whatsoever. Braden & Conner were happy chasing squirrels while RJ attempted percentage problems for the first time.


Jennie said...

I struggle so much with math homework!!! Congrats on having a little man that loves it :) As for the stroller...I wish you luck!! I have been casing for ever!!! lol