Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

Ever since we've moved to Sacramento, we've been part of the annual tradition to have Christmas Eve dinner at Grandma Ginny's and Grandpa Dave's. The funnest part is the gift exchange. We draw numbers, choose presents, steal presents, and usually end up with something great! This year, we got the best present ever - a Smore's Maker! This makes up for the firepit we haven't been able to install in our backyard. :o) And of course, the only picture of the night was of Luke. :o) Tackling Dad before bed... I've always loved and coveted other family's tradition of Christmas Eve pajamas, but I've never done it. Not until this year anyway, thanks to Old Navy clearance racks! I really wanted to get some for myself, but the women's pj's were CLEARED OUT! I had a very special glee in getting the boys all matching pj's, especially since this might possibly be the last year RJ will ever willingly participate, he's getting so old and cool... Of course, I had to stay up late wrapping all the presents, because Conner would have ripped open any presents if I had done it in advance.... We're ready!