Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This weekend at Sunday's wedding, all of my sisters were finally together! I can't honestly remember the last time all six of us were together without at least one person missing. I also cannot understand why everyone always insists on facing the sun in pictures! Who wants pictures of themselves squinting?? It's so annoying. But no one would listen to me, when I tried to pose us on the other side of the tree! Because, heaven forbid, we have the sun behind us! Me, Lois, Liz, Linda, Theresa, & Bobbi Lois, Me, Liz, Mom, Linda, Theresa, & Bobbi TWINS! Me & Theresa More Twins!! Me & Theresa, and Jenna & Jamie (my sister Liz's twins)


Raimi said...

I did not know that you were a twin. How fun!!!!

Robert said...

you should never face the sun in pictures you should always try to position with the sun to the side or at an angle :)