Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Number 3

Conner turned 3 on Sunday! It's so weird. I still think of him as my baby. It was the same day as General Conference, so it was a day of laying around and eating junk food all day! Yes, I made cinnamon rolls!! This is my first time EVER and it actually worked! I've always been overwhelmed by cinnamon rolls, they scare me. It turns out they aren't so hard, but it takes FOREVER and you (atleast, I) make a gigantic mess! I wanted to cut the recipe in half but Ryan wouldn't let me. So I made FIFTY-FOUR cinnamon rolls. That's 9 apiece... I don't think Conner really understands what it means to have a birthday. But I sang him the birthday song all day, and that made him giggle all day, too. And he really likes blowing out candles. And I'm trying to teach him to say, "I'm three!" Sometimes he will, but most of the time he won't. Happy birthday, Conner, everybody loves you!!


Ashley said...

He's still a baby to me too!! Please tell them all the STOP GROWING!!!