Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lake Tahoe

Over Labor Day Weekend we spent a day at Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe with our friends the Krupp's. It was so beautiful and SO much fun. The highlight for the kids was definitely the crawdads, yuck! The Krupp's brought hot dogs and strings to go fishing for crawdads and caught so many of them. Conner loved it! So we had to go for a walk to the docks and try to catch some ourselves. Unfortunately, me & Conner were unsuccessful, but it was fun to try. Until some of the kids dropped a couple crawdads next to our hineys, we almost fell overboard trying to get away, they crawl really fast! Sienna spent most of the day either swimming around on the surfboard, or pushing the boys in the boat. I don't think that girl ever got out of the water. When Raimi busted out her fancy camera, Sienna kept asking to have her picture taken in several different poses. So then Conner followed suit. Sorry Raimi for all the pictures you were forced to take of these two! Braden doesn't like water. We go to the beach every year and he never sets foot in the ocean. He digs in the dirt mostly. So I almost died of shock when this happened... Our family, Conner never could get that right eye to open. :o) Thank you to the Krupp's for inviting us on your outing. It was a great trip and I hope we get to join you again another day.


Raimi said...

We were so glad tht you got to join us this year. We will get a couple of dates on the calendar for next Summer! Thanks for sharing the day with us.
p.s. Sienna and Conner were so cute and darling to take photos of. Happy to do so!

Jen said...

I can tell Raimi took some good pictures for you!!!! Love Sienna the model. When we went to Tahoe my kids cried because I would not bring the crawdad home to have as a pet.