Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

This year, our family Christmas Eve celebration was at my house. I was very proud of myself for making these rolls for dinner.... Don't they look amazing? I made about 65 rolls and ended up with way too many! After dinner, we had our Christmas Eve pinata. This is a tradition in my family since before I even existed. I remember so many Christmas Eve's, watching my mom paint Santa on a paper sack, and then helping her curl strips of paper for Santa's beard. I cannot paint Santa to save my life, so thankfully, my mom made this one for me awhile ago that I could use. We were supposed to have about 20 people over for our Christmas Eve party. Slowly but surely, almost everyone had to cancel because they were sick. The stomach flu was going through the family. So Jon was the only person who showed up! We had lots of extra yummy rolls, and it was a nice, quiet evening, but still fun!