Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Letter From Braden's Schoolmate

Well, just when I was starting the process of updating my blog, my computer broke AGAIN! This time it is unfixable, and there are no immediate plans to get a new one. I have the iPad, but can't upload pictures, and weirdly, can't see all my friends' blogs either, so my blog-stallings days are on hold too.

A couple of weeks ago I went on a field trip with Braden's class. The kids assigned to me all wrote cute thank you notes to me. But one note in particular I keep reading again and laughing every time. Here it is:

Dear Mrs. Pinney,

Thank you for chaperoning us. You must be a good mom for the way Braden turns out. Did you know Braden brings Legos to school? Braden almost always gets his clip pulled. He's hard to tame. You should check his pocket or backpack before he goes to school. If anyone can tame him, it's you, the mom of Braden.



Amy said...

Sorry about your computer!! That is a huge bummer. But that letter is so funny! That made me smile :)

danielle said...

Sandy that is so funny! I wonder if Philip's mom has told him a time or two that he needs to be "tamed" LOL!

Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

I would frame that and give to Braden when he has his own kids. Good luck taming him!