Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Conner's 4th Birthday

Birthday Donuts and a CARS light up tracing table

Conner has been so excited for weeks that his birthday was coming up.

Best bed-head ever

Every time I asked Conner what he wanted for his birthday dinner, all he would say he wanted was a giant cupcake.  Thanks to a neighbor with a giant cupcake pan, we made his wish come true!

I know it's a little lopsided.  It was really hard to get that cake out of the pan and it ended up coming out in pieces that I had to put back together.  Thank goodness Conner is not a perfectionist.:o)

Conner's favorite present, you can see in his left hand, a capri sun wallet my sister sent to him.  He was so excited and for days kept stealing everyone's money to put in his wallet.