Friday, August 3, 2012

End of the Year School Fun

Yes, I know, school is about to start again. I have to hurry and catch up my blog before then! At the end of the year, the elementary school had a really fun field day. I was in charge of the Wall Ball Station. And I got a lovely sunburn after standing in the sun for 4 hours!

The next week I helped in Sienna's class for a County Fair day for all the 3rd graders who had just finished reading Charlotte's Web.  I made a yummy banana cream pie with a layer of chocolate and caramel. It was beautiful.  Then I put it in a bag, and the lid fell off and the pie slid sideways.  So I scooped it into another pie tin the teacher had and served Banana Cream Pie Soup.  It was so sad.  But still delicious!

This day was so incredibly hot!  The field day actually was cut short because of the heat.  I was in charge of the musical chairs station this time.  So much anger can occur when kids play musical chairs!  It turns out Row Sham Bo can solve any problem when you're 9.  We carried around squirt bottles to cool everybody off and of course that was the funnest part for everyone, getting sprayed!


OLIVIA said...

You crack me up! And you are not alone. I have had so many treats tip over in the car, slid off the pedastal, or just plain fall on the floor, than I can count. It always makes me so, so sad...but I'm glad you salvaged yours!