Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disney on Ice

I took Sienna to Disney on Ice for the first time, and we had a bunch of friends meet up and go with us.  It was a fun girls day.  We had a yummy lunch at Red Robin and then headed off to the show.  The girls LOVED it!  I'm so glad we made it happen.

Valentine's Day 2.14.13

We LOVE Valentine's Day at our house!  We have a tradition of serving fondue every year, it's definitely a highlight!  This year we celebrated all day.  We had Red Velvet Pancakes for breakfast and then had heart-shaped pizzas for dinner, with chocolate fondue for dessert.  Yum!  And Ryan surprised me with roses, that's new! :o)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ravens vs 49ers Superbowl

This sign showed up mysteriously on my refrigerator....  Braden likes to be a rebel.  It was insulting to his Aunt Bobbi, I'm sorry to say, who is a former 49'ers cheerleader.  But it turns out, Braden was right after all...

Braden's Last Pinewood Derby - Jan. 26, 2013

I thought last year was Braden's last pinewood derby since we had it later in the year.  I was a little despondent when I found out this year it was in Jan. and he'd still be in cubs. :(  The boys love this event, I think it's stressful.  But it turned out fun.  We didn't win, we stayed about right in the middle, but Braden was happy and we got lots of cookies afterwards.

Conner's Mohawk - Jan. 6, 2013

Conner loves mohawks.  One Sunday he begged Ryan to make his hair "stick up."  So Ryan obliged.  His hair is too long for this, and did not look good for church!  I made him comb it out, but compromised by taking lots of pictures.  Conner was bummed out, but don't worry, for his birthday (April 3) we let him get his hair cut shorter so we can style a "Faux-hawk" whenever the mood arises.

Mail Key Debacle - Jan. 3, 2013

Sienna loves mail.  She's a pen pal with several people.  She loves to get the mail, she loves to put mail in the mailbox.  Somehow she lost the mail key one day, she had it in her hand with a stack of mail to be mailed, and then it was gone before she could open our mailbox.  It was concluded that she accidentally "mailed" the mail key.  After about a week of no mail, I called the post office who said it would be $50 to change the locks.  Sienna spent the next two days parked on this chair in front of the house waiting for the mailman (woman) to come so we could ask her to look for the key with the outgoing mail.  Sienna finally caught her on the 2nd day but she wouldn't help Sienna, told her we would have to come with ID, of course I was gone for precisely the 5 minutes I was needed.  So the next day I ran down there when we saw her, and sure enough, the mail key was there.  $50 fine averted.  There was  A LOT of mail after 10 days of not getting it! The fun part was we got a new pile of Christmas cards, so that was awesome.