Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mom has a friend who gave us this buggy ride - not something most people visiting will ever get the opportunity to do. He told a great story about Isaiah somebody who never used a whip on his horses and people would tease him about it. One day Joseph Smith asked him why he didn't use a whip, Isaiah said, "You know I would never whip my horses," and Joseph said, "I think you ought to buy yourself a whip." So Isaiah immediately bought one that very day. The next day, as he was halling rock for building the temple, his horses were spooked and started prancing, which caused his wagon to start sliding toward a cliff. Everyone was telling him to jump, but he remembered the whip, whipped each horse once, and was pulled to safety. The moral of the story is, if a prophet speaks, listen. One of Ryan's favorite memories of his grandparents' house in Salt Lake City were the snapdragons. He was very excited to find some in Nauvoo, and helped the kids pick one and showed them how to make them open and close like a dragon. Conner was such a good boy for the whole week, always stuck in his carseat, but as joyous as ever!