Thursday, July 17, 2008

Women's Garden The Women's Garden is on the site where my ancestors, Howard Coray & his wife, Martha Jane Knowlton, used to live in Old Nauvoo. My mom gathered us here, and told us one of my favorite stories, of how they met and fell in love. When Howard Coray first came to Nauvoo, he introduced himself to Joseph Smith, who immediately asked him to be his clerk, and of course Howard accepted. Howard was a small man and one day when he was walking with the prophet, Joseph Smith said something like, "It's too bad you're not a larger man, I would like to have some fun with you." Howard said, "Don't let that stop you," to which Joseph responded by putting a hold on his leg and accidentally breaking it. He felt really bad and carried Howard to his house and set the leg. He kept checking on Howard, and at one time, Howard asked for a blessing, which Joseph gave him, and part of the blessing promised he would soon meet someone to marry. It wasn't long after that he met Martha Jane Knowlton, and it was love at first sight.