Monday, November 10, 2008

Goodbye, Buster Brown

Today we mourn the loss of our beloved pet scorpion, Buster Brown Pinney. We have enjoyed his company for over a year and now we must say goodbye. This loss has been truly tragic for Braden, who loves all creatures very deeply. We discovered poor Buster last night after attempting to feed him. When realty set in that he had truly given up the ghost, Braden cried for an hour, not only for the loss of our dear scorpion, but also for all the dead fish we've had to bid farewell to in the past three years (about 12). He lamented for every one. Tonight we will lay poor Buster Brown to rest and say farewell one last time. Until we meet again.......


Tommi said...

I too lament BB passing, although I didn't know he had a name beyond scorp.

He was especially entertaining when he battled the black widow.

Give Braden a hug from Mimi.

Mom Tom