Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

  1. The kids' bedtime is my favorite time of the day, the house is quiet and I can eat a fudgcicle without sharing.
  2. I have 10 brothers and sisters and I am a twin. I am only 6 years apart from my oldest niece, but 21 years apart from my oldest brother.
  3. I played the flute in the 4th and 5th grade, but for me it was NOT like riding a bicycle, and now I cannot remember how. But, I still have my flute.
  4. I like to eat candy in even numbers. It's taken me years to make myself stop keeping track!
  5. I love to travel, I used to do more pre-children. I look forward all year to my annual "girls only" trip with my sisters.
  6. My feet and butt are ALWAYS cold.
  7. I love hippos! The cute cartoony kind. I have a plethora. All of my kids have their own stuffed hippo, plus some to spare. We even have a stuffed hippo chair.
  8. I also love Pepe Le Pew. The cartoons have always made me laugh and I used to have quite a collection of Pepe paraphanelia.
  9. When I was little, I had to do everything in 7's. I would subconsciously count my steps and if I arrived at my destination too soon, I would walk in place until I reached the next multiple of 7. Oddly, my 6-year-old son has just recently started doing everything in multiples of 4. It's annoying.
  10. I've kissed the Blarney stone (in Ireland) so, of course, I have the gift of eloquence.
  11. In highschool, my sisters and I were the T.P. masters. In turn, we also became the master victims. One summer were were T.P.'d 17 times, and 5 times in one night!
  12. My grandpa taught me how to drive when I was 12, and he would sit in the passenger seat with his door open and one leg hanging out in case he had to jump for his life!
  13. I almost got arrested at the Las Vegas Temple (story for another day). Let's just say, if the gates are closed, then they are CLOSED!
  14. I sported powder blue moon boots from the 7th Grade through College! (courtesy of Gramps)
  15. At Ricks College, my roommates and I stole a shopping cart from Wal-Mart (it was a very long walk home). We kept it in our living room as a lovely decoration full of toilet paper. The police came and made us return it after people complained of the noise because we were giving "rides" up & down the dorm balcony (we lived on the 2nd floor).
  16. I'm left-handed and do most things backwards. And I'm terrible with scissors.
  17. I LOVE chocolate! I've never been more excited than when I found 10-pound candy bars in Europe. Cadbury is the best! And when I make brownies, I will "spread" them in the pan extra times, just to have more dough on the spoon to lick off.
  18. I play the piano, but I have to practice for a week before I can play with people singing along.
  19. My favorite drink is Apple Slice, but I haven't been able to find it again since junior high.
  20. I love food. All the years growing up, people would tease my family, because we would pull our chairs up to the buffet table, instead of bothering to stand in line. I still love food, it makes me happy.
  21. I love having good friends and wish for them regularly, but it's hard for me because I am not outgoing. I'm working on it!!
  22. I long to have someone I can switch babysitting with every month so I can go to the temple WITH my husband instead of taking turns.
  23. I can't get enough guacamole.
  24. I love photography sooo much, but I'm terrible at it. Seriously, the most terrible than anyone on the planet. I have even taken classes and I still am terrible. My gift will have to be appreciating it instead of creating it. Oh well.
  25. I love to read and scrapbook. I wish I could sew.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mac & Cheese

Today I thought it would be interesting to introduce mac & cheese to Conner. He was SO excited. I couldn't feed him fast enough, he kept trying to grab the spoon. He would giggle after every bite, he was so happy with this new meal. So, I threw caution to the wind, after all babies come clean, and dumped the mac & cheese on his tray and he went to town. It turns out to be very slippery and difficult to grab, so only a few noodles wouldn't do, we had to have huge piles to increase the odds of at least SOME of the pasta staying in his hand and making it to his mouth. He's so happy squishing away. So cute AND so gross. Next stop, bathtub.

Friday, January 9, 2009

9 Months Old

Conner is 9 months old and he's getting skinny! Ha ha!! The best news about turning 9 months old is no shots!! He did get a poke on his big toe to make him bleed to test for anemia, but he didn't cry, not even a wimper. Such a relief. So, here's the stats:
  • weight - 23 lbs 1 oz (8oth percentile)
  • height - 28.75 in (70th percentile)
  • head circ. - 47.25 cm (90th percentile)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Christmas Eve EVE (aka Dec. 30)

On the eve before Christmas Eve (I know, I'm posting backwards, oh well) we went bowling at Strikes. The kids LOVE bowling and Strikes is the best bowling alley ever. You should go some time. I'm terrible at bowling, I tied with Sienna, and yes, she's 5. But it's the fun we had that counts most! And we had lots of it, with Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt Ashley & Uncle Jon, and the Tenney cousins. I hope we can get together again soon.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Best of 2008


  • RJ's baptism
  • RJ wins 2nd place in Pinewood Derby, then is promoted to 1st when other winner is disqualified!


  • Chinese New Year (Year of the Rat)
  • RJ earns Bobcat award in Scouts


  • RJ & Dad finish a great basketball season
  • We buy a house that is yet to be built
  • Braden turns 6, Thomas the Tank Engine bday party, and family dinner at Red Lobster!
  • Sandi visits Jelly Belly Factory with YW, woo hoo!
  • Easter
  • Sienna takes a dance class


  • Conner Steele Pinney is born!!
  • Sandi gets older
  • RJ wins 14th place in District Pinewood Derby
  • Theresa & Kensley visit
  • Purchase of enormous washer & dryer


  • Cinco de Mayo pinata fun
  • Little League for Braden & RJ
  • Conner's baby blessing on Mother's Day
  • Mohawks!
  • Sienna graduates from preschool


  • Sienna turns 5
  • RJ attends first Twilight Camp for cubscouts
  • swimming lessons
  • Move into our new house


  • Have interior of house painted
  • 4th of July
  • Trip to Nauvoo to visit my mom on her mission
  • Conner learns to eat from a spoon
  • 10th wedding anniversary


  • Annual trip to Carpinteria Beach
  • Conner gets 6 teeth all at once
  • Ryan gets older
  • School starts! Sienna - Kindergarten; Braden - 1st Grade; RJ - 3rd Grade


  • Me, Sienna, & Conner drive to Utah for my mom's homecoming
  • Food Storage Extravaganza with my sisters in SoCal
  • Theresa & Kensley come for another visit


  • Conner starts crawling
  • Visit to Pumpkin Patch with Shelby
  • Halloween & lots of candy


  • RJ & Dad finish a great season of Soccer
  • RJ earns his wolf badge and I become den leader for Bear Scouts
  • Braden finally gets a bed
  • Thanksgiving at our house!


  • Conner is standing up
  • RJ turns 9
  • I discover Bunco (sort of, I still haven't actually played!)
  • Breakfast with a REALLY tall, skinny Santa Claus
  • Bobbi & family come to visit
  • Christmas!
  • Lots of family visiting
  • Celebrating New Year's Eve at 9pm