Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tooth Fairy Part 2 - The Saga Continues

Here is Sienna with her 2nd lost tooth. She lost it last Sunday and decided that she wanted to follow Braden's lead and hide her tooth from the tooth fairy so she could bring it to share day at school on Friday. Well, Friday rolls around and the tooth is nowhere to be found, of course. She handled it well and took something else instead. Meanwhile, mom is becoming more certain that she may have "accidentally" thrown away said tooth. It's easy to do, since the children of the house use plastic baggies for EVERYTHING and they are always laying around everywhere, and mom must keep the house clean and their teeth are very tiny!! And, of course, Braden wanted a picture of his lost tooth, in perfect Braden fashion. I have no explanation for the headlight.


The Sam Elmers said...

At least she has the hole in her mouth to prove to the toothfairy that she did indeed lose a tooth!

Robert said...

when you get a chance I would indeed enjoy an explanation of the headlight!!