Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Broken Wing

On Monday, Braden found this little bird in our backyard in a bucket full of water. With the help of some neighbor friends, they scooped it out of the bucket, wrapped it in a towel, and then set it out in the sun. The poor little bird was soaked, couldn't fly, and was shaking badly. Ryan and I were certain it would probably die. The kids found a shoebox and put a piece of bread, some water, and toilet paper (from off of Braden's bedroom floor, of course) to make a little nest. Dad cleaned him up a little and he was able to fly a little in our kitchen. By morning he was as good as new and flew off as soon as we took him outside. Ryan thinks he was tired from almost drowning and also weighed down by all that water. Braden is a little sad that we couldn't keep him as a pet, but we are all relieved that he survived.


OLIVIA said...

That's pretty amazing! I'm glad you were able to save the little guy and send him on his way.

Robert said...

how cool my kids would have loved it to death though

Ashley said...

Your kids are SO CUTE! Great job to everyone for saving the bird!!