Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Tea

Sienna's Kindergarten class had a special program on Mother's Day with some great songs and cookies and lemonade. All of the kids filled out a form about their mothers. Apparently I weigh only 30 lbs, my favorite place is the beach, and I love Las Vegas! Here Sienna is standing in front of a bug with her best grouchy face in the center. It says, "I feel grouchy when my mom doesn't let me sleep in!"

And here is a happy mother's day song!


Rachel and John said...

It's cute to find out what our kids think about us. Hope your Mother's Day was great too!

The Fishers said...

Sienna's answers were cute. I am still laughing at Braden's answers in our class today. I hope he gave you your paper today and your chocolate:)

Theresa Beals said...

So least she didn't over-estimate your weight!