Sunday, March 28, 2010

Braden's Birthday

Braden's birthday was March 20. Naturally, we started the day with birthday donuts! We enjoyed a birthday lunch at Denny's with Grandpa, and lame mom forgot the camera. Braden chose Round Table for his birthday dinner. Here he is with dad... And here he is with Sienna, me and RJ... Conner was there too! And we can't forget the fabulous beard and mustache stickers from the candy machines! After dinner, Braden got to pick out ice cream at the store and we had delicious hot fudge sundaes. With brownies, of course. And just so you know, Ryan is the BEST when it comes to building hot fudge sundaes. :o) This is only the beginning of all the celebration hoopla for Braden's 8th birthday! There is LOTS more to come!