Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pinewood Derby

RJ earned his 1st three awards in Webelos: craftsman, communicator and one other vital thing I can't remember right now. This was Braden's 1st pack mtg, and first time to demonstrate his cubscoutiveness, so proud! Here is Braden being welcomed into the Wolf den, and I got a snazzy ribbon thing to hold all the wonderful parent pins that are in my future. This is RJ's car, I think he won the award for most creative or decorative, something like that. RJ really likes his car. Dad says he made 5th place, he made sure to ask. This is Braden's tank. And just so you know, tanks aren't built for speed! This thing is definitely built like a tank though. Braden has been throwing it all over, including across the parking lot, and there are no dents or scratches that I can see!


Anonymous said...

I really related to the TONE of your comments; been there, done that with all 4 of my boys. Good job that you're doing. Aunt Marilyn

Jennie said...

What great cars! I love the Pit Passes...I think I might steal that idea from ya :)