Sunday, June 27, 2010

Go Giants!

RJ had a roller coaster season of baseball. He was really discouraged because he was striking out a lot and couldn't figure out why. Lucky for his self-esteem, I caught on camera a successful "at bat." Here he is getting tips from the coach before he gets to the plate... Waiting for the pitch... Making contact... Crossing home plate... Bonus picture of Conner on a particularly FREEZING night. He was bundled and toasty warm, while the rest of us FROZE! The Giants had a good season and ended up in 4th place overall and played in the tournament. Our last game of the season, RJ got on base every time he was at bat, against the best team in the league. :o) His love of baseball was rekindled, and he wants to keep playing!


Theresa Beals said...

Is it just me, or does Conner always have some sort of bruise, scab or goose egg on his face in every picture? :o)