Monday, June 13, 2011

School Luau

The kids really love our end of the year school luau. Mostly they just want a snow cone. This year I ordered the kids meals because it said it came with an ice pop, which I mistakenly thought was a small sized snow cone. It was just a popsicle. And my kids may never forgive me. Each grade performs a "hula" dance. Sienna is always very into it... After specifically telling Braden to stand where I could get a good picture, he went as far away from me as possible, stinker... Every year the 5th graders are notorious for picking a silly, funny song. This year it was "Tiny Bubbles." At first I thought it was cute and funny, until I realized the song was about champagne, and then I was annoyed that anyone thought a song about getting drunk was appropriate for 11-year-old's... But it was funny watching R.J. totally getting into it...