Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sienna's 8th Birthday!

I can't believe it, but my baby girl is 8! She woke up to birthday donuts, the movie Tangled, two shirts two headbands, and three pairs of shoes! She was very happy. Oh, almost forgot, she also got Justin Beiber baseball style fan cards. :o) We bought a couple of books to give to her classroom, and then for all her friends in class, we made these cds with all of her favorite songs, thanks Amy, for the suggestion, Sienna loved it! On the night of her birthday, we had a wonderful family dinner. We had yummy tacos, and then chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for dessert. Somehow I convinced Sienna to have a party with just one friend. And then somehow forgot to take any pictures with that friend! She got two barbie dolls from her friend and plays with them constantly. They had pizza for dinner, watched Tangled and ate popcorn and licorice, had a fashion show, played with barbies, and stayed up all. night. long. Then we had delicious french toast made by dad for breakfast. Sienna crashed at approximately 3:30pm and slept till about 10am the next day!


Raimi said...

Happy Birthday to Sienna! Sounds like she had a great day!