Monday, August 29, 2011

Mt. Pleasant, UT

After spending a week at my mom's house, we drove to Mt. Pleasant to visit with my brother for a few days. His house is so great, we had a lot of fun. These pictures are in a crazy order, but it took too long and I'm not doing it again! On the last day at his house, Robert took the kids swimming in Manti so me & his wife KayDee could go through a session of the Manti temple. It was my first live session and was very interesting! I loved it mostly, sometimes it made me giggle inside. :o) Sienna & Conner at the park, courtesy of Robert... Me & Kay Dee at the temple... I love this picture of Braden that Robert took... We spent a little while at a local park. Conner really wanted to swing on this tire, but the reality of it turned out to not be so fun for him... Braden & R.J. were more successful... Sienna had fun too... Conner likes to hide behind trees. Gives me a heart attack sometimes when I can't find him right away... Sienna & Kali... Static electricity!... The boys got to camp out every night in Robert's backyard. Isn't his yard beautiful! There's a stream with a bridge going through part if it, and the water was really fast! It made me a stress case trying to keep Conner away! Sienna loves to pose... Kali, Sienna & Conner... The highlight of the weekend was definitely watching Robert mow his lawn. He fell off the track when he was backing out of his trailer, that was exciting & a little scary! He also ran over a snake that went flying, yuck. The kids loved watching for a little while... Conner watched the whole time. Robert was going to let him ride along with him, and at first Conner was very excited and totally for it. But then Robert turned on the lawn mower and it was a no go! I couldn't get him anywhere near that loud, scary mower! There is a fun loft in Robert's house. I wish I took a picture of the ladder going up. Another heart attack for me keeping track of Conner... We had so much fun at Robert's house. We walked for ice cream, had movie nights & popcorn and loved hanging out with him. He is a firefighter and so he has a crazy schedule. But it was perfect for us because he had 4 days off in a row and got to spend every minute of it with us. :o)


OLIVIA said...

Wow! That is a dream backyard!

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to have you here Sandi :) Your blog is always so entertaining! -Kay Dee