Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Swim Lessons

This year I only enrolled Braden & Conner in swim lessons. For whatever reason, Braden just doesn't want to swim. I told him it was a safety issue, he needed to know how to swim for my peace of mind, and I would keep make him take lessons until he could do it! He did a good job this year. He didn't pass the class, but only has 2 skills to master before he does. And the instructor also suggested he try paying better attention during the lessons. :o) This was Conner's first year of lessons. He loves being in the water, but he didn't like being sent off in the water without me. He often tried running away, and succeeded once. He got away from his instructor and took of running, it took a group effort to catch him! This boy was Conner's favorite teacher. He wouldn't get in the pool until he showed up. Conner didn't pass his class either, but I wasn't expecting he would. :o)