Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cross Country

R.J. tried his legs at cross country this year and it was really fun! R.J. loves running, but long distance has never been his thing, he likes sprinting. I thought he did really well. It's amazing to me how fast these kids are. R.J.'s fastest time was 10:36 for 1.5 miles. That's really fast! But he was right in the middle with that time. The fastest boy ran it in 8:40, which is so unbelievable to me. R.J. is a lot like me when it comes to running in the heat, we can't do it! Ryan calls us "wilting flowers." In this first picture, it was so HOT! We, the spectators, were so miserable, it was probably close to 100 degrees. Those poor runners were probably close to death! R.J. posing like a runner. :o) Go R.J.! This course was a tough one, so many hills. R.J. is the one in the middle. Approaching the finish line... Time for a water break....