Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A few weeks ago, Braden found a fluffy baby bunny on his way to school. It was outside the fence at school with a crowd of kids around it. Something was wrong but it was still alive. Braden wanted to save it but didn't know what to do and when the bell rang, he felt like he had to go to class. He thought about the little bunny all day and when school was over, immediately ran to where he had left it. He said it was still alive, but barely. He rushed home with it, but unfortunately, by the time he got home, the bunny had died. It was devastating to see him so upset. Braden has always loved creatures of all kinds, and this, a baby, that he thought he could save, just took him over the edge. So I agreed to a funeral, hoping that would give him some relief. We found a little box and R.J. sealed it nice and tight. Then R.J. dug a hole in our backyard, and we buried the bunny. Braden wasn't satisfied, so he made a little headstone for it. We had a long hard day, couple of days actually, but Braden seems to have gotten over the worst of it. This is our first burial, unless you count Buster Brown Pinney, our scorpion, who has been preserved in our freezer. :o) I don't think we should have pets at this house, it's just too hard.


OLIVIA said...

What a good heart he has. I'm sorry for your loss.

Jennie said...

Our Adam still has a hard time with loosing our Beta fish earlier this fall. I agree that we will wait a little longer for pets. Their feelings just get to hurt!
Hope Braden starts feeling better soon!