Friday, July 30, 2010

Beautiful Colorado

My brother, Robert, took RJ and Braden on a day trip to our family's cabin in Colorado. They LOVED it! This turtle rock is on the way to Rangely, CO where my mother grew up. It has been there my entire life, but this is the first time it has been painted, and we think it looks stupid now. We liked it better when the rocks "resembled" a turtle naturally. A mother is always thrilled to find a picture of her 10-year-old son wielding an ax... I love this picture, both of RJ's feet are off the ground. He was very excited to be a helper and unlock the gate, you can't really tell, but it is pouring rain. This picture makes me cry. This is where my mom grew up, we used to visit my grandpa here all the time. So many wonderful memories, but now the house is gone. It breaks my heart that we had to tear it down, hopefully someday we will be able to build again. The only thing left standing is this clubhouse that my grandpa built for us. We used to play there all the time, and now it is so run down, but the boys thought it was so cool. We also used to hang out in the street with our friends all the time. Rangely doesn't have a lot to do except hang out. :o) But the traffic is minimal, so the middle of the street was always a perfect destination! And now it's time to come home... back to Grandma's house.