Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Mop Bucket

Ever since I can remember, Ryan and I have argued about mops! Ryan is constantly complaining about the current mop, it is always crap. Well, I got a little sick of his mop complaints so I told him to go buy his own stupid mop. And he did. This is what he came home with.... the mop/bucket ensemble... If you ever had to work at Burger King for a year while you were in high school, then you understand my horror.


Jen said...

HaHaHa.....LOL! EVeryone says the steam mop is the way to go - although I do not have one. Amy will swear by it!

Theresa Beals said...

Love the Shark steam mop!

Shelby said...

...I am DYING over Braden's plus-size sweater hole comment... Genius.