Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 2 at the Beach

My mom and 3 of my sisters spent the day with us, so fun! Lois, Linda, & Mom... Bobbi with husband and daughter... RJ collecting seaweed, naturally... Conner does NOT like walking in the sand. He wanted to be carried everywhere. Bobbi took advantage of the snuggle factor... He did like pouring sand all over himself, and all over me, for that matter.. Apparently this is a completely different situation that is very appealing... By late afternoon, Grandpa coaxed Conner onto the sand. He was still a little stressed, but didn't whine or cry... The boys in their Marine Corps garb, getting ready to watch fireworks... Sienna is ready for fireworks, bring it on! Sienna with her cousin... Maverick kept yelling "CHEESE!" while I was taking everyone's picture, so I took that as a hint that he wanted his picture taken... Happy 4th everyone! It was a good day.