Sunday, July 25, 2010

This is the Place!

We're finally here! We arrived at my mom's house in Utah on Friday, after 11 hrs and 45 min. of driving. We made it in good time and only stopped for gas once! The kids were amazingly well behaved in the car with very few annoying moments. On Saturday we celebrated Pioneer Day with a big community breakfast in Vernal. Braden filled himself up on Orange Juice and sausage and had to take a little rest... Sienna My nephew, Kaydan Conner loved playing on the playground, and Sienna helped him out a lot. My cute niece, Pyper, loved playing in the grass. Trying to get some of the kids together and smiling at the same time, didn't work out so well. Kaydan, RJ, and Braden showing off some cub scout pride. We had a great birthday party later for my niece, Kensley, with lots of balloons and yummy lemon cupcakes. We spent the rest of the day arguing over new toys. RJ has been begging to go running with me, so in the evening, we went on a one-mile jog. In case you're thinking about doing this, I want you to know that jogging in a farm town is unpleasant. When you're gasping for air that smells like cow pastures, it's really gross. Today, Conner woke up unable to walk on his foot. I don't know what's wrong with him, he limps around and cries that it hurts, and maybe it's a little swollen, I can't really tell. But he wants to be carried everywhere and my back is breaking! What do you think? Is that a swollen foot?


Jennie said...

Love the family photo :)