Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12

Today, I am thankful for R.J. He is such a good big brother, especially to Conner. When Conner was a baby, he would get so excited and start bouncing and kicking whenever R.J. walked into the room. Now, he gets just as excited, but usually tackles him. All day during school, Conner is constantly asking, "Where's R.J.?" or saying, "I need R.J." R.J. is like this with all little kids, always playing with them and being so helpful. In one more year, he will be a good babysitter! R.J. is really smart and remembers everything he learns. He likes to share facts with me in his funny monotone voice, like he's reading straight from a book. He will even start drawing diagrams if he doesn't think I'm getting it! He loves documentaries, and is interested in everything, math, animals, military weapons, copper & iron. He finds all new knowledge to be interesting. He also loves to run and is training for his first 5k on Thanksgiving morning. He plans on winning us a turkey at his school's turkey trot next week, too! I love this boy. He is such a blessing to this family.