Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23

While we were in Vancouver, WA, it SNOWED!! Did you know that it snows in Vancouver and Portland??? I had no idea that this was ever a possibility. We went to the movies on Monday night, and came out of the theater to blizzard-like conditions! This is the next morning, the kids were very excited to see snow. This is going over a mountain pass somewhere in Oregon. It was so incredibly, beautiful, and a little bit scary. I am thankful I was not on the OPPOSITE side of the freeway going the other direction. There was an accident and a MILES long traffic jam that took some people almost 4 hours to get through, and some never got the chance because the freeway was eventually closed. After all this driving, I have never been so thankful to NOT be stuck in a traffic jam! I don't think our family would have survived... It was a 10-hour drive home, and it felt so good to be home to my freezing-cold house and my wonderful bed!