Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8

I am thankful for DISNEYLAND!! I am especially thankful for people who buy 4-day hopper passes, don't use every day, and give us 4 free passes!! We had so much fun, the kids were so happy, and now we never have to go back right?? Here are Conner & Sienna ready to go!! Ryan spent an hour and a half on a conference call. At Disneyland. LAME. But, if you have to have a conference call, Disneyland is better than home, right? Conner loves creatures in costume. We discovered this at a Trunk or Treat when he spent an entire hour chasing the BYU football mascot. Tigger needed to take a break, and Conner took off after him, and I had to chase him all the way past this fence, while another employee kept yelling at us to stop. :o) We aren't allowed back there.... Conner loved watching the teacups. I literally had to pry him off of this fence when it was time for another ride. And the kids loved the teacups, too. Me & Ryan refused to go. :o) The Innovations museum place (can't remember what is was called) was really fun for the boys. Braden got to help conduct an experiment with lightbulbs... And all of the kids got to operate a little windmill... There was a spinning sidewalk around the inner part of the musuem, which provided endless amounts of fun for Braden. Our own little family rock band. Conner seriously rocking out! And, of course, Mickey Mouse. It was really difficult to pry Conner away from Mickey too. He gave him lots of hugs and high fives. And now the kids have experienced Disneyland.